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Worry free identity and data storage.

The all-in-one platform that verifies identity and prevents data breaches.

Verify anyone,

Stop asking for sensitive documents over email. Verify an individual on the spot, or anywhere in the world by simply sharing a link. All it takes is 2-clicks.

We're better, here's why.

Compared to traditional KYC/AML providers, our unique Artificial Intelligence means we can verify documents that others can't, at better accuracy too.

Examples include utility bills, tax returns and government-issued certifications.

Your first 10 verifications are on us.

As the only all-in-one platform, we're confident you'll like Personr Enterprise. That's why we're happy to provide your first 10 verifications for free.

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Instant identity verification

Verify individuals in 2-minutes and receive more information than other identity providers. A big claim, but try us and find out.

Negative media results

Our technology scans the entire web for negative media articles on an individual. If they've been in the news, then you'll know.

Compliance information

On every verification, we check worldwide sanctions to ensure individuals haven't performed illegal activity or gotten into trouble.

Digital manipulation

Unique to us, our Artificial Intelligence technology can check if documents have been digitally edited using apps such as Photoshop.

We securely store data, so you don't have to.

Storing sensitive data on email servers or computers opens you up to breaches and fines. Verify an individual and store their documents securely without the data entering your systems. Then, view it at any time.

Built especially for your business.

We built Personr Enterprise with your business in mind. All industries require different documents from individuals, which is why you can setup flows - to choose what documents you want verified.

No other software needed, just a browser.

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