Build trust, one verification at a time,

across all workflows

Streamline the process of verifying users and businesses by consolidating all verification needs into a single dashboard.

60 secs
Verification Time

Innovative companies trust Personr to verify their customers

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How does Personr work?

Personr simplifies business and identity verification

Expanding globally? We're there too

With Personr's AI-based OCR, you can easily access users globally. No matter the document type, country, or typescript, there are no obstacles to expanding your business internationally.

Every business is unique and so is every verification

Easily customise verification checks without the need for coding. Implement checks at any point along the customer journey to achieve robust anti-fraud protection and high pass rates on a global scale.

Stay ahead, and fully mitigate complex fraud

Effortlessly identify complex fraud by utilising user behaviour and the capability to visualise customer networks without laborious data engineering efforts. Consolidate all the necessary data sources to identify suspicious actors and permanently prohibit their activities effectively.

Why Personr?

Build Trust,

one verification at a time.



Personr offers simple solutions to complex problems by assisting you in effectively managing your high-risk areas, such as customer and business verification.

Convert more customers

Create a seamless experience for legitimate users whilst discouraging malicious behaviour, by adapting user-friction autonomously.

Securely control and manage PII

Securely store personally identifiable information according to your compliance obligations.

Customisable Verification Flows

Personr helps you easily maintain compliance, freeing up your engineering and security teams from ongoing program management.

We talk compliance

in your language

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We scale with you
at every stage


Launch your product without financial and technical barriers to push for growth and secure funding.



Expand in untapped markets by implementing flexible compliance flows that adjust to your evolving requirements.



Enhance the effectiveness of your onboarding program and mitigate the most complex fraud cases, by gaining improved insight into customers, suppliers and personnel.


Security is at our core.

We prioritise compliance and certifications that meet the highest industry standards, ensuring a commitment to safeguarding you and your customer's privacy.

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RDS AES-256bit Encryption
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OWASP Top 10 Vulnerability Testing
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Continuous Data Monitoring



Bypass integration and seamlessly send a verification link to users by email and SMS, customisable with your branding.


Implement our SDK into your platform within an hour, easily embeddable into iOS, Android and web applications.


Introduce Personr seamlessly into your technology, allowing users to effortlessly verify identity in an environment you can fully customise.