Streamline the process of verifying users and businesses by consolidating all verification needs into a single dashboard.

User Verification

Determine whether an identity is authentic, legitimate and free of forgery. Verify 14,000+ documents, from 220+ countries and territories worldwide, including proof of address and unique documents. Complex typescripts are easily recognised.

Business Verification

Streamline your KYB verification process. Delegate AML, watchlist and registry screening, beneficiary verification and company structure checks to Personr.


Get to know customers and detect high-risk users with AML screening and on-going monitoring against global watchlists, sanctions, PEPs and adverse media.

Digital Manipulation

Perform graphical editing checks. Determine whether a document is authentic and free from forgery or alteration, using editors such as Photoshop.

Identity Document Verification

Verify 6500+ documents, from 220+ countries and territories worldwide. That includes proof of address and unique documents such as firearms licenses or tax invoices.

Optical Character Recognition

Automate the extraction of data from documents, to input into your platform or use for further processing.

Proof of Address Verification

Boost conversion rates and keep your regulator happy with proof of address checks that take under a minute to complete. Available worldwide, with document or instant geolocation checks

Adaptive Liveness

Facial and biometric recognition that is compared with photographs on documents, ensuring user's are present and their document belongs to them.

International Sanctions, PEPs, Watch lists and Negative Media

Determination of a person's presence on global sanction lists, politically exposed person lists, watchlists, blacklists and adverse or negative media (OFAC, UN, HMT, EU, DFT and more).

Database Verification

Verify users against commercial and government databases worldwide, validating documents and data with the respective country or territory.

Dark Web Monitoring and Detection

Monitor the dark web for stolen identity documents, offering proactive protection and early detection of potential compromises. Safeguard your personal information and business data with this powerful solution.



Bypass integration and seamlessly send a verification link to users by email and SMS, customisable with your branding.


Implement our SDK into your platform within an hour, easily embeddable into iOS, Android and web applications.


Introduce Personr seamlessly into your technology, allowing users to effortlessly verify identity in an environment you can fully customise.