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How to choose the best verification flow for your business.

We built our platform to help out in every industry. Depending on your requirements, you may need stricter or more relaxed verification flows.

Basic requires your applicant to upload one identity document, such as a drivers license or passport and then gets them to scan their face in real-time using our AI-powered Adaptive Liveness Check.

Standard requires your applicant to upload two identity documents and gets them to undergo the Adaptive Liveness Check.

Strict requires your applicant to upload two identity documents, a proof of residence document - such as a utility bill - and also gets them to undergo an Adaptive Liveness Check.

If you require a custom flow or want individual documents verified, contact our team who can add a unique verification flow to your account.

Adding non-verified documents to an applicant profile.

Our platform allows you to add any document you like to an applicant's profile for safe and secure storage.

When you have created an applicant, open their profile and scroll down to non-verified documents. From there, you can upload any type of document for safe keeping.

Examples might include payslips, performance reviews or employment contracts.

How to bulk verify applicants.

Whether you're needing to verify your customer base or simply need to get many individuals verified at once, we've included a bulk verify feature.

Firstly, you will need to create a .CSV file with the following headings in each cell. This is best done in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

nameFirst, nameLast, email, phone
Note that the cell headers need to match exactly as above.

Once done, enter your applicant details and hit save.
From the Dashboard, click the Bulk upload applicants button and upload your file.

We'll send the applicants an email and an SMS informing you'd like to verify them. The results will appear in your Applicants tab and an overview email will be sent to you.

Adding tags to applicant profiles.

To create tags for your team to use, simply head to Settings and click Customization. From there, you can create custom tags.

Adding tags to your applicants is easy. Click on the Applicants page, then choose an individual you want to add a tag to. On the applicant profile, you can now choose to add a tag.

Temporary Rejection Reasons

Unsatisfactory Photo(s)
The machine reading zone (MRZ) is not readable or the photo is blurred/cropped. Upload a new photo of the document with the whole page visible.

Graphical Editing
The applicant has placed a sticker and has covered sensitive data with it or the document shows signs of tampering using editors such as Photoshop. Upload a new photo of the document without sensitive information being covered or manipulated.

The uploaded document is a screenshot or a copy of a digital image with no metadata. Upload a new photo or provide the original document.

Bad Proof of Identity or Address
The applicant has provided an invalid photo or document that does not contain the necessary regulatory information to verify. Upload a new photo with the required information.

Bad Selfie
The face on the document does not match the applicant. Retry the Adaptive Liveness Check.

Final Rejection Reasons

The applicant has submitted irrelevant documents or has failed to provide the correct documents 5-times.

We have detected the applicant is potentially fraudulent. The applicant has submitted purchased document templates illegally, tampered with the document, provided a fake or edited document and Adaptive Liveness Check.

Fraudulent Pattern(s)
We have detected suspicious activity with the applicant. This is due to IP addresses, device use and other criteria.

Compromised Person(s)
The applicant has been found on one or multiple sanction lists.

Politically Exposed Person(s)
The applicant is politically exposed and may be, or have been, in a position of power or control with the ability to easily take bribes or use the power to their own gain.

The applicant has been found on one or multiple criminal records.

Adverse or Negative Media
The applicant has been found in negative media articles online.

What should I do if an applicant has been rejected?

We recommend that you don't engage or provide services to the individual, or take extreme caution if you choose to do so.

My applicant has been incorrectly rejected.

Our platform runs at 99.9% accuracy, with incorrect rejections being extremely rare. If you believe the applicant is legitimate and has been incorrectly rejected, contact us so we can investigate.

Identity Documents

- Drivers License
- Passport
- Proof of Age
- Identity Card
- High Risk Work License
- Keypass ID
- Diplomatic ID
- Firearms License

Proof of Address or Residence

- Utility Bill
- Telecommunication Bill
- Mobile Bill
- Bank Statement
- Proof of Balance / Transaction
- Wealth Report
- Tax Return
- Tax Bill
- Mortgage Statement
- Lease Agreement

Other Documents

- Government Certification
- Correspondence with a Government Authority
- Voter Registration
- White Card
- Payslip
- Business Registration
- Shareholder Agreement
- Company Constitution
- Trust Deed / Agreement
- COVID Vaccination
- Insurance Statement
- Statement of Information
- Certificate of Good Standing
- Certificate of Incumbency
- Director Registry
- Shareholder Registry

What if I need another document verified?

If you require a document to be verified that isn't listed, contact us and we will enable it for verification. We may ask for a few legitimate documents from you to train our AI.

Which countries do you support?

Our platform operates and can verify individuals and their native equivalent documents in most of the world including Oceania, North America, Asia and Europe.