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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KYC and AML?

Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) are standards designed to protect companies from fraud, laundering and corruption. Personr Enterprise goes further and provides an affordable, easy-to-use platform to manage any identity your business comes across.

What is identity compliance?

Identity compliance is a big subject. It's all about protecting all customer and employee data to the highest degrees. Unfortunately, storing data on your desktop or on your email server is not compliant.

How secure is your platform?

We utilise bank-grade security measures to protect data, including RDS AES-256 Encryption. Our tech stack also complies with ISO27001, SOC 2 and CSA certifications. Put simply, you're in good hands.

How does the plan commitment work?

Our plans are month-to-month. Each month you can perform your included verifications on individuals. From there, you'll be charged on a pro-rata basis per additional check.

Can I switch plans?

Absolutely! If you find yourself exceeding your included verifications, we encourage you to reach out so we can help find a plan or solution that suits the way you work.

What payment types do you accept?

Currently, we accept credit and debit cards. Your card is securely stored and charged monthly.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Not at all! We don't believe in charging questionable fees, all we ask is that you give us a month's notice prior to cancelling so we can make sure your account is shut down properly.

What happens if my company isn't compliant?

There are many different consequences and fines depending on the country you're located in. In Australia, the government has recently increased the fine to 10% of a company's annual turnover.

Is storing data on my computer compliant?

Unfortunately not. Whilst super convenient, your laptop or desktop can easily be breached and have data extracted.

Asking for ID via email is safe, right?

No! We don't recommend you do this and would strongly discourage it. If either email server or device connected was breached, attackers would have access to everything.

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